Some Simple Tips for Burning a CD in Windows PC

Even though CD burning process is simple, most of the users find it a bit hard to start with. Well, it’s not so difficult, but if you’re burning DVD for the very first time, you will need to keep few simple things in mind. The following post will explain you all the tidbits of writing a CD on Windows PC.

blank-cd-2014Burning CD on PC

  • Get a blank CD – First of all, make sure that the disc you want to burn is completely blank. Always use a branded, top quality writable CD so as to avoid any problem in your data burning task.

CDs come in two general formats, CD-R and CD-RW. The first one is a record-only disc, which means that you can use it only once. The data burned on the disc remains permanent and you can’t erase it. Whereas, the other one is a rewritable disc, in which you can write, erase and rewrite the data. These CDs are commonly used for temporary storage.

Once you get a proper disc for you, open the ODD (commonly known as disc drive) of your computer, place your disc in tray, close the drawer and proceed to the next step.

  • Open a burning utility – Though Windows has built-in CD burning facility, you can also download and install free third party software utilities for improved performance and productivity.Allok, Aurora, PowerISO, Nero free download are the ones you should be looking for online. Make sure you’ve installed proper burning software on your PC. After inserting the disc, open this software and you’ll see a CD writing wizard now.
  • Select the type of CD you want to burn – Depending on the type of data you want to write, these can be burned in different types as follows,
  1. Music – Select this option if you want to burn CD for your home or car player.
  2. Data – With this option, you can burn CD with documents that you can access on your PC. It is referred to as a ‘data disc’, similar to the standard hard disk. Here, you can write word docs, databases, spreadsheets, and other files.

Note – Although you can burn music files on data disc, it cannot be played in standard home or car CD player.

  1. MP3 – This type of disc contains only compressed music files with .mp3 format. It is actually a data CD, and only the players supporting .mp3 playback can play music of this disc. The benefit of this data CD is that you can store much more music files than a music CD.
  2. Disk image – It’s the exact copy of original disc stored on your hard disk. .ISO (International Standards Organization) is a common disc image format. To use the data of .ISO file, you need to burn that image file on blank CD.
  • Final Step – After deciding the type of CD, select the data to burn and click ‘Next’. Read the instructions carefully and lastly hit the ‘Burn’ button.

Once the writing task is completed, open the drive, take the CD out and enjoy playing music and video files on your PC, CD or DVD player in your home.