Censored Pirate Bay’s Anti-censorship Browser Rapidly Expands User Base

PirateBrowser is a new tool launched by Pirate Bay that allows users to circumvent ISP filtering and successfully access blocked websites. It is in fact an incorporated combination of Mozilla Firefox, FoxyProxy add-on and Tor client Vidalia.

piratebrowser-005Tor app is actually an open source routing system aimed to offer anonymous browsing on the Web. Even though Tor network is used, PirateBrowser does not allow secret internet browsing. It is designed only to circumvent censorships by your Government on particular websites.

PirateBrowser eliminates the necessity to use proxy site, and it has been downloaded by millions of users till date. Currently, approximately 0.5% Pirate Bay audiences utilize PirateBrowser to log into the popular Torrent website.

Pirate Bay controversies

The Pirate Bay provides lots of legal content from public domain e-books, documentaries, music, videos and more. It is also popular for illicit materials from popular TV shows and current releases of music albums, software, pornography and more.

The TBA activities were highly controversial and also included international tumult. It was the most debated subject related to copyright law. In addition, if a particular user accesses illegal information, then who is responsible. Is it the ISP or a chain of hosting sites from where the content was generated? Pirate Bay is perhaps the most censored site on the Web blocked by the court all around the world.

PirateBrowser is appealing – A boon

PirateBrowser was launched on its 10th anniversary as a gift to users. This browser is quite appealing, and a huge number of downloads confirms its popularity among world wide audience. It does not reveal how people actively utilize this software. However, it interprets with myriads of active users every week, mostly from those nations where ISPs block certain sites.

PirateBrowser is a one-click simple browser that evades blockades and censorships, making any website instantly accessible. There is no bundled ad-ware or toolbars included, just a Firefox browser (pre-configured).

This software is a boon to casual users residing in those countries, where the Government has currently blocked access to websites including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You Tube and more. The Pirate Bay team claims that not even Google, Microsoft, Mozilla or Apple has bothered to build a product to evade censorship till date.

Other TPB projects

The TPB team stated that it will keep on updating this browser with better enhanced features. Updated version with several new features along with Linux and Mac versions is in formation phase.

What’s more! Currently, TPB is working on elite BitTorrent powered software that will allow users to store and distribute non-accessible websites on their personal computers making it not possible for 3rd parties to prevent them.

Even if TPB website is pulled offline, it will keep on operating by creating its personal ‘p2p browser’ instead of sidestepping external censors. The second project has no released date set, but it is expected to take some months for the final version.

With this browser package, you can surf through websites that are banned by the government of your country. Users can access TPB website and other file-sharing sites banned or blocked by your internet provider in just a click.