CCleaner Review – Keep Your System Away From Malware

It is important to keep your computer free from viruses, malware, remove the unnecessary junk files and troubleshoot different issues. Good cleaner software could be your solution. The best thing about installing it is that it maintains privacy protection.

Important things to know about CCleaner application

ccleaner_pro_vers2014There are different versions of CCleaner available online to install. You could download any one of the slim, portable and standard versions of this software. It will take few seconds to install the application.

Here are some amazing benefits of this application:

  • You could avail portable version
  • It is available with backup functions too
  • Great competitive features will definitely surprise you
  • It offers great configuration options
  • The best thing is that it will not affect the speed of your system

What are the functions of drive wiper?

There are many features of the CCleaner software. The drive wiper option of the application will erase the entire drive. Once you will click this option, your desktop will show the details of total drives available. You could tick mark the ones you have to keep and delete the rest. You could use below mentioned algorithms to delete the data:

  • Advanced overwrite
  • Simple overwrite
  • Complex overwrite

Check the role of restore option

You could select the system restore option to manage all restore points of the system. However, in order to maintain system stability, you could not remove the recent restore points. The file finder menu could help you to search duplicate files. You could locate and delete copies of the same file. To find duplicate files, you have to give details like date, name of the file etc. Press the uninstall option to delete the software applications of your system.

Ask for full customer support

The software offers excellent support to the customers. In case, you are facing any problem, you could directly contact their representatives. If you are a free version user, the company will provide you only restricted support. You could download their documents, browse FAQs section for assistance and join different communities.

Do not forget to install this computer application software. You could initially use the free version. If you are satisfied with the services and features, you could invest in paid version. Now, maintaining your computer is an absolutely trouble free job.

While your CCleaner is doing the task, there will be no load on your computer. The registry cleaner option will analyze all the unused file extensions, the class issues, type libraries, missing files and the list goes on. You simply have to click on the scan option to look out for errors in data media, documents etc.

However, before approaching to a final point, you could check the cleaner application reviews. To use this software you need an operating system like windows 8, 7 vistas, XP etc. Besides this, the installer will consume up to 4MB space and all the program files will consume 12MB storage space.